Memorial Service Flowers

Memorial Service Flowers

Memorial Service Flowers from Hive + Hollow, each one being unique and beautifully timeless. Bring in your own pieces such as feathers, antlers, tree branches or other items sentimental to that person to make the arrangement much more personal. Our designers will create something both whimsical and organically unique. 

Please Include the name of whom the service is for in the recipient information, this is where you will also put in the name of the funeral home / location of service. If you have any special requests such as colors, flowers, or materials you may include them in the card message or order notes. Advance notice required. To finalize details email us at

Every arrangement is created with the freshest local sustainable blooms available to us. We ensure that your arrangement will be one of a kind and reflect our signature look.

Please Note:

+ This product is only available for local delivery + curbside pickup

+ Fill out an enclosure card in your shopping cart

+ Photos are merely examples, we promise your piece will be original and unique.


Arrangement Casket Spray
Color Palette Soft Pastels
Size Standard

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