Sarah - (she, her, hers)

With over 25 years of floral + garden design experience under her belt Sarah knows whats up when it comes to design. When she’s not playing with flowers she can be found thrifting, foraging in the woods or growing beautiful blooms in her garden. She moved back to Wisconsin 8 years ago to leaving her fast-paced floral event studio, Sassafras, where she did weddings + large scale corporate events for organizations like RBC, CCRF, the Minnesota Twins, and more. After moving out to her farm on the Red Cedar River she began doing weddings with flowers from her own backyard, and in 2018, Hive & Hollow was born.

Rowan - (he, him, his)

With a great eye for design and love for detail, Rowan keeps us fresh and on-trend. Our in-house tech guru, web designer, e-commerce manager, and social media extraordinaire keeps us constantly on our toes and seeking improvement. Rowan grew up in the floral world, “helping” his mom, Sarah, in her Northeast Minneapolis studio. When he’s not at the shop he’s scouring the internet for Danish modern furniture or tromping around in the woods.

Charis - (she, her, hers)

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, Charis grew up surrounded by talented gardeners and designers. She lives in Menomonie with her husband, son, two cats and a horse. She also works for the Menomonie Theater Guild and the Mabel Tainter Theater. In her free-time you will find her throwing together craft cocktails and baking incredible pastries and deserts. She is thrilled to be working at Hive & Hollow, surrounded by some of her favorite people and beautiful blooms.  


About the name,

Hive // the shop

Where community comes together and we share our work with the world.

Hollow // the farm

Our flower farm - a woodsy wonderland.


Our store,


809 Wilson Ave. Menomonie, Wi