We are constantly striving to better our practices and lower our environmental footprint. The international cut flower business has historically helped destroy communities and ecosystems worldwide. There is a growing sustainable floral movement and we are honored to be a part of it. As we grow as florists and citizens our goal is to become a certified B corporation. Below are just some of the changes we have made to help keep our conscience clean and the earth happy. In no way are we trying to be green-washers or capitalize off of sustainability hashtags or popularity, we understand that we have a long road ahead of us but in the meantime we are proud of the progress we are making.

What we are doing to make a difference,

Locally Sourced
We source our product as locally as possible, as much as we can. In Wisconsin, this is easily our biggest challenge. In order to be a viable flower shop in a global marketplace we always choose locally grown first, US grown second, imported last.

Fair-Trade Roses

We have partnered with a certified fair trade rose farm that shares our values and ships directly to us, which means your beautiful roses are not only ethically grown, but also typically have a longer vase life.

Eco-Conscious Transport
We have two hybrid delivery vehicles, a bicycle trailer system handmade by a dear friend, and a van reserved for delivering large scale events

We compost all of our flower waste from the shop and farm studio. While it might be a pain to haul bins of compost home, it enriches our soil and minimizes what we put back into the landfill.

Drying Flowers
Anything that can be reused, is, including flowers. We dry flowers that we can and compost what we cannot. These dried flowers help fill bouquets in winter months and provide almost everlasting beauty.

We reuse all packaging that comes into our store, paper scraps to pack in vases and boxes to ship out product. What we can’t use we offer free to others. We use recycling as a last resort, as this option also requires energy and resources.

Anyone in the floral world will tell you we use a lot of cardboard, like a lot - a lot. Thankfully we can use that cardboard on our farm as a natural weed barrier.

We use chicken wire as an alternative to floral foam whenever possible and when we can’t, we use an eco-friendly version.

Vase Return
We offer vase returns with all of our flower subscriptions, this benefits us all in that we buy less glassware, you get more in value in flowers, and your cabinets aren’t cluttered with vases.

Typical florist vases are not recyclable. We source ones that are recycled or used whenever possible. We love a vintage vase and scouring for those treasures is one of our favorite activities.