How do I put a card message in with my order?

Handwritten card messages are included with every order. You can fill it out in your shopping cart, make sure to write who it's from!

How do I leave a tip?

We don't do tips but would dearly appreciate it if you could leave us a review or drop a follow on our instagram @hiveandhollow. 

How should I care for my arrangement?

All arrangements are delivered with less water to reduce splashing during transport, please refill upon arrival. Replenish water on day 2, replace water completely on day 4. Pull out wilting blooms to keep the water free of decomposing stems which creates bacteria. Avoid placing blooms in direct sun and/or near heating sources. For wrapped bouquets make sure that you give them a fresh cut before putting them in water and ensure that there isn't any foliage or flowers below the water line to avoid rot. 

How does delivery work?

Typically, we do all of our deliveries in the afternoon but are flexible and can work around your schedule. Please let us know if there is a specific time or restraint for the delivery so we can get it there on time. We do hand delivery with all of our arrangements so we will call the recipient and hand it to them at their door unless specified otherwise.

I have a special request for my flower order

You can put requests, allergies, likes, dislikes, in your order notes. We will work to make your arrangement as you like. Please note that if there is a very specific need like favorite flower etc. we need to know a week or two in advance to order it in from our growers. 

Where do you deliver daily flowers to?

We deliver to all of the following zip codes 5 days a week, 54751, 54701, 54703, 54720, 54730, 54739, and 54749. We also make special deliveries to the Twin Cities on occasion, to learn more email us at hello@hiveandhollow.earth or subscribe to our mailing list.

I'm not in your delivery zone, can you still deliver to me?

Reach out to us at hello@hiveandhollow.earth and we'll see what we can do! Special rates will apply for orders outside of our delivery proximity.

I have a funeral order, what information do you need?

We need to know who the service is for, where it is being held, and the time of the service. Please also include your card message. You can include that in your order notes!